Anglo Saxon Day!

Today, was Anglo Saxon day in year 4 and what a fantastic day it was! The children had the opportunity to participate in a variety of different activities such as baking Anglo Saxon bread, cracking Anglo Saxon codes, making brooches, creating mash cams, sketching and recreating the Beowulf story on green screen.

What was your favourite part of Anglo Saxon day?

46 thoughts on “Anglo Saxon Day!

  1. I loved doing all the activities but my favourite parts where when we did the green screen and making the bread. I liked Anglo Saxon day. I also liked the mashcams they were great to I also liked the drawing the Anglo Saxon houses the decoding was nice as well I know it very well.

  2. My favourite part of the day was when we recreated the story of Beowulf because we got to loads of role play. I also liked when we made bread because we had to do loads of exiting jobs together.

  3. In my opinion, my favourite part was ” Cracking The Codes ” because it was challenging but my team came ” Last place [ 3rd ] ” but mistakes help me to learn . But I like this day.

  4. I like all the activities but my favourite part was the making the house out of sticks and the best part about it was working together to make a house and using other positive,creative ideas to make a good model out of stock that is so wonderful to do I would like to thank all the teachers involved in this day and a special thank you to mrs Frankish for letting us to dress up

  5. My favourite part of Anglo Saxon day was making the bread because we got to eat it when it was done cooking 🥖🥖🍞🍞👨🏽‍🍳

  6. I really enjoyed Anglo-Saxon day and thank you to all the teachers who partisapated to help make this day favorate bit was makeing the Anglo-Saxon houses and I discovered that it was harder than it looked when you try it .

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