Anglo Saxon Day

On Thursday 9th October, year 4 are being given a fantastic opportunity to be Anglo Saxons for the day. We are going to be completing lots of activities that the Anglo Saxons would have had to do in their day to day lives such as; cooking, cultivating, weaving and even making our own shields ready for a battle!

We would like to make this day even  more exciting by requesting that you all come dressed as Anglo Saxons, so what should you wear?

  • Dark trousers/ leggings.
  • Plain coloured top e.g. brown, cream, grey, black, navy. This might even be something that you can borrow from your parents!
  • Girls may choose to bring a shawl in one of the colours above  – this is your own choice though!
  • We will supply a ‘rope’ belt for the children to tie around their waist.
  • All children will need their trainers in school to wear whilst in the garden area but can come into school in school shoes or other dark coloured pumps/ trainers.

It’s going to be a great day year 4!

Any questions then please ask : )

Miss Tarn and Miss Ahmed



21 thoughts on “Anglo Saxon Day

  1. Boys and girls not to worry. Let’s make use of the clothes in our wardrobes! Be creative and have fun! I can’t wait to carry out all the exciting activities :)

    • School trousers and a dark top will be fine if you are worrying about what to wear.

      Remember, we will be dressed as the peasants rather than the kings and thanes!

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