Animal Antics

We had such a fantastic visit from the Animal lady to summarise our animals topic in Science, here is a video to showcase our learning from that day.


There were lots of exciting animals!

Which ones did we see?
What reptiles were there?
What mammals were there?
Which animal did you like the most?

27 thoughts on “Animal Antics

  1. I saw a big snake, a lizard, a fluffy meerkat and a small snake. The reptiles were the big snake and the small snake. The mammal was the lizard. The lizard was my favourite because it has a big tongue

  2. I saw reptiles, a big snake and a lizard. the lizard was a reptile. I saw a mammal but I don’t remember the name. I liked the big snake because it was soft when I stroked it.

  3. I remember a lizard, a big snake, a slug, a meerkat and a turtle. The lizard and a snake were reptiles, the mammals were the meerkats. My favourite was the lizard because it was scaly and it can jump.

  4. I saw a friendly yellow snake, a lizard, a little scary snake and a round rock thing. The reptile that I saw was the lizard. The round thing I saw was a mammal. I liked the friendly yellow snake because he didn’t bite my hand when I stoked him.

  5. I saw a lizard, a big snake, and a tortoise. The lizard was a reptile and a mammal. I liked the big snake because it was yellow and I like yellow.

  6. I saw a snake, a skunk, a lizard and meerkats.
    The reptile was the lizard.
    The mammal I saw was the meerkat.
    My favourite was the skunk because he uses his spray if he gets scared.

  7. I saw a meerkat, I saw a snake and I saw a lizard
    The snake was the reptile
    The meerkat was the mammal
    I liked the meerkat the most because it was really good!

  8. I saw a lizard and a snake and a rock animal and a meerkat and a spider
    The snake was the reptile
    The meerkats were mammals
    My favourite was the snake because it was long

  9. There was a big snake, a lizard a big round animal, a little snake and a tortoise
    The reptile was the snake
    I don’t remember a mammal
    I liked the big snake because it was big and soft

  10. I saw the big snake, the lizard, small snake
    The snake is a reptile and the skunk was a mammal
    My favourite one was the big snake because he was ginormous

  11. I saw a snake, a lizard and a tortoise
    The lizard was a reptile
    The mammal was the tortoise
    I liked the ginormous snake and Adeena liked it too

  12. I saw a lizard, a ginormous snake, a slow tortoise and a little snake
    The lizard was the reptile
    I liked the lizard because it had a blue tongue

  13. I had a snake in my hands, I touched a big snake, and I saw a tortoise and some meerkats
    We saw a lizard which was a reptile
    The mammals were the armadillo and meerkats
    I liked the tortoise the best

  14. There was a snake, a hedgehog and a cat
    Crocodile and fish are reptiles
    Chickens, birds and meerkats are mammals
    I like monkeys because they climb on trees

  15. I saw a spider and a bat
    Lizards and crocodiles are reptiles
    Some mammals are a frog and a monkey
    A gorilla is my favourite because Ethel eat bananas

  16. I saw a meerkat, a big snake, a small snake and a skunk
    The reptiles I know are snakes and crocodiles
    Meerkats are mammals
    Rabbits are my favourite

  17. I remember the armadillo, tortoise, snake, skunk and meerkats
    Snake and lizards are the reptiles
    One mammal is a horse
    The meerkat because it was fluffy

  18. I remember the skunk, meerkat, snakes, tortoise and armadillo
    Snake and lizard are reptiles
    Meerkats are mammal because they have fur
    I liked the snakes most

  19. I saw a lizard and a turtle and a snake and a Armadillo
    Lizerd was a reptile and a snake
    Skunk is a mammal
    Lizard , and snake and turtle

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