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Animals in Nursery

This half term has been a mini beats half term and we have been learning all about bugs and small beasties.

We were visited by some super mini beasts and we had the opportunity to get close and learn lots!

I was very proud of how careful you all were when you were holding the animals, you are very grown up!

One thought on “Animals in Nursery

  1. This was such a good experience, Ilyas relayed his afternoon to all the family at home. His favourite was the big, soft spider!

    I learnt a few facts too so thank you for the experience.
    For example, a millipede has over 200 legs like a centipede but the difference between them is a millipede legs move in pairs (sections) and a centipede’a all move separately. Wow.

    A tarantula has eight legs but also eight eyes! They can see all around them except underneath.

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