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  1. Animals have to visit the vets when they are poorly. I have learnt about reptiles,mammals and anphibions. mammals are animals that drink milk and have hair. Elephants are mammals and they have a huge body. Some animals only come out in the night and sleep in the day like mice and bats. I enjoyed learning facts about animals.

    • It is great to hear all of that you have learned in Science this half term Mustafa! I enjoyed reading your information booklet all about elephants

  2. I have learnt about mammals, omnivores, reptiles and amphibians.
    Mammals drink milk and they have hair.
    Reptiles don’t have hair they only have scaly skin.
    Amphibians live on land and in water.

  3. I learnt lots about animals that come out at night. Can anyone help me remember the special name for these?

    Can you give me any examples?

    We have loved the animal topic in 1E!

  4. I have learned all about the different kind of animals there are. I know that some animals are ‘mammals’ but I cannot remember why. Please can you help me remember?

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