Animation in 6B!


What a start to the week! Today, we began exploring the term ‘animation’ and looking at different types, such as GIFs, Cartoons, CGI and stop-motion. We then made the link with internet safety by looking at the pros and cons to having a mobile phone as Year 6 pupils. Our aim for today was to explore the app ‘Flipaclip’, where the children will be creating a GIF animation linking to cyber-safety! Have a look below!


Today, we continued our computer animation project by planning our cyber-safety GIF. To ensure our planning was top quality, we created a story board to represent the theme e.g phone addiction, scams and bullying.

Our Final Animations! Have a look below! What was your favourite part making the animation? What did you find challenging?

5 responses to “Animation in 6B!”

  1. Rasan M.

    This project week is so cool, we get to use things we usually don’t and it’s a new experience for everyone

  2. Head Teacher

    Looks orderly, controlled and fun!

  3. Yalda N.

    This was fun and I am happy we get to have such a fun project week. 🙂😐

    1. Reece T.

      The project week was sooooooooooo fun THANK YOU TEACHERS FOR SETTING THIS UP I might get the FlipaClip app thanks for introducing it to us

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