Anita Roddick – The Body Shop

Hi Year 2,

In Entrepreneur Week we are learning about Anita Roddick and her business.

Use the link below to learn about her and how she became a successful entrepreneur.

13 thoughts on “Anita Roddick – The Body Shop

  1. Anita roddick died of the age of 64 on 10 September 2007.
    She Made a Body Shop on 26 of March in City Center that was in West orchards

  2. katy perry is entrepreneur.
    1. she sells perfume.
    2. she is a singer.
    3. she is 30.
    4. october 25,1984 birthday.
    5. katheryn elizabeth hudson.
    6. she was born in california.
    7. katy perry was only allowed to read the bible.
    8. she was married to russell brand

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