Another Fantastic Day in 1 White

In English we have been learning about Fantasy Stories. The children worked together to find solutions to problems they had created earlier.

As it was such a beautiful day we took our learning outside. Take a look at our video below. 

Can you create a problem for a Fantasy Story?

Use your imagination to create a solution for it please.

3 thoughts on “Another Fantastic Day in 1 White

  1. Along time ago, in ancient Egypt, A king wanted to build a magnificent pyramid, So he summoned all his people to build this pyramid, they wanted to please their king, but how were they going to move all these heavy rocks. One day a slave realised that they could use long pieces of wooden logs to roll along the ground to move these rocks, so all the slaves started moving these heavy rocks, all of a sudden within days the king had noticed the pyramid was as big as a mountain, the king was so pleased with his people that he ordered that upon completion of this magnificent pyramid everyone could celebrate a national holiday. All the people had made a wonderful monument for the king and Egypt. The people celebrated a day of happiness in seeing their king`s pleasure in this pyramid.

  2. There is a dragon in the jungle, who is sitting outside the cave. The dragon is very sad because her little baby dragons are stuck down in the cave. There is a huge rock in front of the cave, so dragon is feeling very upset. The prince passes through the jungle with his soldiers. When he see the dragon sitting like this, he decides to help her. The prince is very kind and generous. He asks his soldiers to help the dragon, but everyone feel scared of the dragon. Then prince decides to talk to the dragon that he is here to help her to rescue her babies. When the prince assures the dragon that he will help to get out her kids from the cave, the dragon feels happy. Then the soldiers remove the huge rock in front of the cave. When the dragon see her little babies, she fills with joy. She says thanks for the help. Prince also feels very happy.

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