Another scuccessful week in year 4

Another successful week in  year 4 .

Check out the video created by Elyass, explaining tricks to learn the 7 timetables.

Inaaya used a range of writers tricks in her independent piece of writing. Super work Inaaya!


Khadijat presented her maths  work neatly, well done!


Snippet of 4 Red’s extraordinary calm, focused atmosphere.


Another achievement within year 4 is we have a handful of lucky children who have worked really hard to perfect their handwriting. Everyday these children write beautiful pieces of work as well as very few to no spelling errors therefore, with great pleasure we  announce the following children will use pen from now on.
The children are;

Safa Khan


14 thoughts on “Another scuccessful week in year 4

  1. Super impressive well done.Ihope I will be on the blog next time.I am really proud of those children who have earned a pen.i would like to say that art lesson was very good.I hope we earn a brick for the class 😀😎😑😎🤖

  2. I must say I am very proud of all the children who are continuing to impress us with their fantastic attitude and motivation to transform ordinary into extraordinary! Keep it up :)

    We hope to award many more children with pens as the weeks go by, so continue practicing year 4! Join, join, join!

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