Another Successful Playground Games!!!

Oh dear!!! Playground games has finished again for another term.

In the spring term we have played lots of team games and been VERY lucky with the weather; getting to use the field twice for football and bulldog!! We have also played dodgeball, monkeyball, stuck in the mud, north,south, east and west and many other playground based games!!

Highlights include: watching Arnis going out of dodgeball in a most spectacular fashion from a demonic throw from Fizaan! Crazed bulldog on the field and utter fun and madness every week.

The children have developed their teamwork skills and learned a number of new games and activities that we hope they can use outside of the school!! Well done guys, a really successful term and you will be missed by Miss Burton and Mr. Inman!!

Please check out the pictures of our last dodgeball game (boo hoo)!!!

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