Archaeopteryx fossil

Year 6 Red, I need you to be Paleontologists for me!

Look at the fossil of the archaeopteryx. What clues does the fossil give you about what it looked like?



  1. From this image I can tell that the archaeopteryx used to have wings with feathers. I know this because I can interpret large feathered shapes near the creature’s talons and I assume that these are wings. When I look at the fossil I can also see that it had a long, sharp beak used to hunt and tear the flesh of its prey. I know that this animal is a carnivore because of the sharp talons on its hands and feet. I have the impression that this animal is a bird due its wings, talons and beak. I think this animal died scared because of its curled up spine.

    By Mia and Pranit.

  2. The Archaeopteryx was about the size of a raven, with broad wings that were covered with feathers, beak with small,sharp teeth, three fingers with talons. We know that it had feathers, as the fossil has a faint outline of where they were. It was in the animalia class and was a reptile despite of it’s feathers.We can tell that this reptile is an carnivore due to it’s sharp talons and small teeth. I think that it may have eaten bugs or fish, due to it’s size.
    SAM & ZAID

  3. The archaeopteryx had along tail and wings with feathers which may had been used to fly. I can see feathers because of the depression in the ground. It could have had brown feathers so it could camouflage in the dusty terrain where they lived. It has claws. This might have been sharp so it could catch its prey easily. Scientists have also suggested that this animal has teeth. It has a beak and flies because it is a bird.

  4. The archaeopteryx has long thin legs with tallons.This creature has a sharp beak which could bite people.You could see depressions on it that is seems like feathers.These features make the archaeopteryx a clear candidate for a transitional fossil between non – avian dinosaurs and birds.It also has fluffy large feathers which look like wings.It can tear flesh with it’s long tallons.The archaeopteryxs tail is very lengthy .It is know as the earliest bird.

    By Tiya and Ahlam

  5. The fossil had a medium sized beak which tells that this can capture its prey very efficientelly. Furthermore around its body, it has long feathers that can scare of other creatures. I can tell this is a carnival as it has sharp,long tallnes which attack other animals to eat there flesh. This animal was considered as bird

  6. The archaeopteryx had a tail and it has wings which had feathers because you can see the remains of the feathers,this shows it could fly.Also,it had tallons which shows it was a carnivore and it also can be used to find food. Furthermore,it has ribs and a spine with a sharp beak which could be used to find food.It could have had brown feathers so it could camouflage in where it lived.It has long legs as well as sharp teeth because when it beak opens there will be sharp teeth.It was the size of a magpie.Also,the archaeopteryx may have been the first ever bird on earth,it lived around 150 million years ago.The tail was up to 20 inches long.

  7. The archaeopteryx had wings I know is because underneath it’s legs there is a patch of in a wing shape plus it has long skinny legs and a beak. Also it has talons to capture it’s prey. On the image there are feathers which can be seen but they are like lines.Archaeopteryx was roughly the size of a raven, with broad wings that were rounded at the ends and a long tail compared to its body length. It could reach up to 500 millimetres (20 in) in body length, with an estimated mass of 0.8 to 1 kilogram. I know it’s a carnivore because of its long talons it uses it to rip flesh of other animals.In particular, they shared the following features with the dromaeosaurids and troodontids: jaws with sharp teeth, three fingers and claws.

  8. It looked like having a long feathery tail with feathers and wings.It also had a long beak.Also the archaeopteryx has thin legs with sharp tallens.The archaeopteryx was like a bird with feathers and wings.Archaeopteryx lived in the Late Jurassic 150 million years ago which is now southern Germany.It could be a carnivore because of its long tallens to rip out flesh.

  9. This fossil had a medium-sized beak which tells that this can capture its prey very efficientelly. Furthermore it had a long neck with weathers on there that l

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