Are the teachers all they seem?

5 White look carefully at the teachers around school have you ever noticed anything strange about them?

Do any of the teachers wear a wig? A little bit of advice though, don’t pull on every teachers hair to check or you may cause a lot of trouble! Also I have heard that the wigs give them a rash – so they scratch there head a lot!

Look closely into there eyes, what do you see…fire…ice?

How about there feet? Are they walking around school with a limp?

Another bit of advice watch out for the sniffing!

Witches will be revealed next week! 


15 thoughts on “Are the teachers all they seem?

  1. Miss Edwards is the witch because she has a long nose and she keeps on scratching her head so she must have a wig she is very suspicious about being nice to the children and she wears dolly shoes

  2. I’m curious about MISS EDWARDS because she has got the pointiest nose in the entire school.😑😑😑😑 I’m onto you miss Edwards if that is your real name. Also she gives everybody the death stare.

    • Tehab I am shocked, surely scratching my head once doesn’t make me guilty of being a witch, does it? I shall have to prove I am not one, I saw some children scratching heads, could it be them?

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