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  1. Great comments Omio, Lowesha, Alishba and Mia! :)
    I am so glad to hear your learning so much!

    4A who thinks they can tell me what topographical features mean? And what topographical features can be found in Mexico and England?

  2. In week one,I did the differences and similarties of England and Mexico on the blog one of the things I know is the sport that is popular in Mexico is bull fighting just like people surround the bull fighting just like England have cinemas on the other hand England have many different sports like football and rugby are very popular around England and many different countries in the world.Also at week one we also were learning where is Mexico and which places surround Mexico?Also we had to use comparative words such ad however and on the other hand so Mexico is surrouned by the second largest country and the third largest and the richest and these are USA and Canada at North and at East and West is Parfic ocean and Atlantic ocean also Mexico is in North America.Also one of my favourite facts that Mexicans speak spanish.

  3. In the olden days the losers of a ball game would die therefore stik today they take games very seriously. Sport includes of bullfighting and rodeos. They use red to attract bulls because they are coulorblind.

    Because the eqator cuts through Mexico the north tends to be cold yet the south hot.

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