4 thoughts on “Around the Camp Fire – Independent Story Telling.

  1. One up time ther was a Frma. And. Ther wasa. Lay dee. And ther. Gac.
    And. Ther. Was. A. Dog. And. Was. A. Cat.

    The. Man. Was. Planting. He. Sod. And

    He. Sod. A. Big. Tunip. He. Was. Pooling. It
    Apt. But. The Tunip. Didn’t. Mov

  2. I love this video RP…it shows how well you listen to every story that Mrs Penavega reads to us very carefully…..I loved the different tones of voices you used and the use of different expressions. I’m so happy Mrs Penavega recorded this whilst you were roleplaying…keep flying high superheroes

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