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Next week, we are learning about USA! I thought it would be interesting and fun to investigate the Crow Indians. We can create headdresses, dress up, make wigwams and lots of other exciting activities to enhance our learning. Can you find out one fact about them and write it in a sentence on the blog please?


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  1. The Crow Indians are the native people of The United States of America and they used to live in the Great Plains of Montana which is a city in the USA.

  2. Crow Indians also know as “People of the Crows” or “Raven” in their own language. The Crow Indians get their clothes and shelter called the “Tipis” from animal skin such as Buffalo and deers. Crow wear feathers from eagles, crows, owls, and other birds in their hair for symbolic reasons.
    Each family draws different images and designs that has meanings in their language only. They love colors but use them for different meanings like Pink represented the rising sun with yellow being the origin of the sun’s arrival. Blues are symbolic of the sky. Red represented the setting sun or the West. Green symbolizing mother earth, black the slaying of an enemy and white representing clouds. I’m excited to learn more about the Crows, like what the children wear and play with.

    • Wow Luqman! You have discovered a lot of interesting facts! We will be making some clothes next week and creating some of the patterns the Crows used on them. We will also be investigating how the children played and which were their favourite toys.

  3. Crow Indians the name of the tribe(Apsaalooke). Meaning “children of the large beaked bird”. This name was given to them from a neighbouring tribe Siouan. Crow people wear lovely feather headdress and ornamental bead jewellery. I want to learn more about what they eat and I have looked at some pictures of the type of homes they live in teepee and wigwam. I want to learn more and I would like to make a feather headdress.

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