Around the World Week – Canada

To be able to include some evidence from the text when answering questions about it (AF2)

3J have been learning lots of interesting facts about Canada in Around the World Week so far. I would like you all to research the first inhabitants of Canada, known as the First Nation People or Inuits. I would particularly like to know about how they communicated using symbols. I look forward to reading what you have discovered, remember to include evidence from the text you have been reading! Use the websites I have inserted into this link to help you. Miss King

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  1. The first people to be in Canada were called the first nation people they were called the Inuits. They believed that they fell out of the sky because there was a big hole in the sky.They drew on the walls with blood a bit like the Ancient Egyptians.The first nation people were good at hunting and they needed a lot of skills.

  2. The inuits are called the first nation people. Jaques cartier is the man who dicovered canada and decided he would like to name canada new france. Canada official languge is french also it is English. Canadians open their presents on christpas eve on the other hand britain open their present s on christmas day.

  3. The Inuits were called the First Nation people and there are hunters and fishermen they were there to help getting food. The Inuits put there food in the middle of the house and they make a fire. Canada is the 2 biggest country in the world. There were 31 rivers and 54 countries. The real language for Canada is English and French. In Christmas the Canadians eat pancakes however they open there presents on Christmas Eve. In Christmas they do different things in Britain’s Christmas. We eat Mint Pies and the Canadians eat pancakes. Canada is the biggest largest country in the world. Mackenzie is the most largest most biggest country in the world.

  4. I learnt that Canadians speak English and French. I also learnt Canada is rich and poor and it is so super super superrrr enormous and big.

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