Art builder day in 5 Red.

What a day we have had for Art day! We started off the day by using recyclable materials such as egg shells in to bowls of water, vinegar and food colouring to dye egg shells different tints and tones of colouring. We then went onto learning and researching olive branches and the importance of Olive Orchards. To do this we researched and found 3 facts about them and then created a Pic Collage to present our findings. After this, we used another recyclable material, cardboard and drew an Olive branch ready for the mosaic. Using the the egg shells, we stuck them onto the drawing for our design.

Take a look at our photos below, enjoy!

To create a range of tints and tones.

To understand the importance of Olive orchards.

To draw Olive branches.

To design and create mosaics.


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  1. Art day was very fun I really liked putting the egg shells on the carboard but it was tricky drawing the Olive branch on the carboard without any mistakes It was a nice day.

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