Art Challenge for Problem Solving week

As it is Problem Solving Week next week I have a challenge for you all! I want you to turn a 2d object of your choice into a 3d piece of art. Here are a few examples of what you could make. Are any ideas popping into your head? How you create it is entirely up to you! But remember I want to see the 2d object as well as the 3d version. I will be selecting a winner from each year group who will receive a marvellous prize. Deadline for the art challenge is Wednesday 18th July and the winners will be announced on Thursday 19th July. All entries to be dropped off to Reception White.   Good Luck and have lots of fun being creative!


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  1. Lovely to see children participating in this challenge. I’m already looking forward to seeing your 3d models.
    Lets see how many children will participate.

  2. I asked Umar to explain me the 2D and 3D to check his understanding and what has he learned:

    2D shape: it means it is flat. 2D is a rectangle because it is flat.

    3D shape: something look like a cone and triangle. if I press the ball then it become flat and become 2D and then If i throw it then it takes the air and become sphere (3D).

    Well done. Impressive (needs to be CAE analysis :-))

    • Well done Umar, you have shown you have a good understanding of 2d and 3d shapes. Can you can turn a picture of a house into 3d piece of art? Create it and bring it in to show me.