Art Evaluation – Mosaics Autumn 2

Year 3 have spent lots of time in Art this half term studying mosaics! This linked really well with our Romans topic, and we had lots of fun looking at original examples of Roman Art, then investigating and creating our very own!

Now we are coming to the end of our unit, we would like you to evaluate your designs thinking about the following questions.

  1. Did you meet your design criteria? How?
  2. What could your mosaic be used for? Where could it be displayed?
  3. Was your mosaic different to other children’s on your table?
  4. What would you do differently next time?

21 thoughts on “Art Evaluation – Mosaics Autumn 2

  1. 1.I meet my design maker by using shapes and
    2.It could be used for a display or a design.
    3.Everyone’s was different.
    4.I would like everyone to put it together and make a big display.

  2. Yes I met my design criteria because it had lots of colour
    It could be use for the musem.
    It was differences becaus the children liked it.

  3. 1.I met me design criteria by making my shapes the Wright colours.
    2.It could be used for people to look at.It could be displayed on the wall in the class room.
    3.My mosaic is different to the other children on my table.

  4. 1)I meeted my success criteria by leaving gaps and repeated my pattern.
    2)It could be displayed up in the classroom.
    3)my mosaic was different to others on my table.
    4) I would change it by adding more detail.

  5. 1)Yes because i created it how i wanted it to be.
    2)It could be used for Poor people so they can see some beautiful pictures.
    4)The colour better and so neat and not spend too many space on it.
    Stars out to 10

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