17 thoughts on “Art in 5 White

  1. I LOVED it so much even though it was tricky to put the dye on the shirt and also helping some people with putting on the elastic bands on and doing the patterns.

  2. I’m so happy that you enjoyed making the tie dye shirts. It was great watching you all being so enthusiastic about it, and the shirts look great. Well done 5 White!

  3. I enjoyed making my tie dye t shirt because I got to use different materials and learned new skills.Also I enjoyed creating a 1960 poster on what we have learned so far.Thankyou

  4. I really enjoyed making this iMovie with Omar, Qasim and Maria because we got to interview different people, also I liked tie-dying our t-shirts!

  5. Like the children creating this blog. All I ask children is that you don’t keep using the word…like in every sentence. You have some great vocabulary, use it!
    Well done Suzanna for not being put off by an enthusiastic classmate!

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