Art Week!

1E have had a fantastic week this week, we have been looking at Kandinsky and his work. Have a look at our video to see the different activities we took part in.

What style of art did Kandinsky create?

What music did he listen to to help him paint?

5 thoughts on “Art Week!

  1. Wow 1E, I love the start of your video :). I really enjoyed looking at your bright, beautiful artwork. You’ve been so creative, well done and keep it up :)

  2. I really enjoyed watching this video 1E, some great art work. All I would ask is that you hold the paint brush properly. I will come and show you.

  3. 1E this is fantastic! I love it! You worked so hard last week and you have made an amazing display! Well done! I think Kandinsky listened to pop music when he painted, am I right? Kandinsky created pop art, is that right 1E?

  4. Wow 1E, I am incredibly proud of you all. Looks like you all enjoyed Art Week!. What can I say about your display other than it looks OUTSTANDING!, keep it up superstars.

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