Art Week _ Salvador Dali

6M have had a fantastic week learning about Salvador Dali. I hope you enjoy the video we made:

Now that we are experts on Dali’s artwork, I would like you to write about one of his most famous works, “The Persistence of Memory”.


How does this piece of art make you feel? What does it mean?

Remember to use high level art vocabulary to describe it. Talk about the composition, surrealism and dark and light tones.

G&T readers, here is a link to some tricky reading material to challenge your reading skills and give you some ideas.

3 thoughts on “Art Week _ Salvador Dali

  1. That video was fantastic!I really enjoyed everything we did in artwork especially the sewing.
    This artwork makes me feel as if time goes really fast because the clocks are slowly melting away in the heat.I think it means that time is precious and you should not just waste your time and let it melt away.

  2. Indeed we did have a fantastic week learning about Salvador Dali, learning about Salvador Dali helped us improve our independence skills and many more for example creative, decision making, and art skills.
    This picture puts a creative image and a art feel in my mind.

  3. Whenever I see this piece of artwork it makes me feel happy and excited because it has melting clocks in a beach. This piece of surrealism artwork looks amazing as to how Salvador Dali uses objects like a clock and makes it look weird. He changed a normal clock into a melting clock. The composition of this picture is it has melting clocks, sand, the sea and a cliff.

    Composition means the little bits which make the picture. Surrealism means that if there is something like an object and you make it look fake. Dark and light tones are while in your drawings there might be parts which are dark or light.

    Salvador Dali painted The persistence of memory in 1931 and is his famous painting. He is known as a famous surrealist as he has painted many pictures of objects flying and melting. The persistence of memory is located in Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

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