Art week in 1S

The artist we have been focusing on this week is Vincent Van Gogh.

Take a look at the video below to see our learning journey over this week.

What was Van Gogh’s favourite colour? 

What have you enjoyed most about this week? 

Well done 1S. You have been fantastic this week. Me and Mrs Patel are so proud of you, keep rocketing to success!

10 thoughts on “Art week in 1S

  1. You all are superstars 1S as you learnt so much about Van Gogh. Now be prepared to have another exciting week. Remember to bring your swimming kit on Monday.

  2. 1.Van Gogh,s favourite colour is yellow.
    2. I enjoyed most drawing the picture of Van Gogh. I know now that Van Gogh liked bright colours/

  3. 1S, you have definately rocketed to success this week, you’re display looks bewildering as you all worked as a team to create your masterpiece. Well done.

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