Art Week in 2 Blue

We have enjoyed discovering the style of Art known as Pointillism and looking at paintings by Georges Seurat, who pioneered this technique.  We also looked at Aboriginal Art, which uses a similar technique of dots to create pictures and patterns

We looked at how Art is all around us, and then planned and made bags which we then decorated in the Pointillist style. We used coloured dots to help us learn number bonds to 20, created Pointillism factfiles, painted in the style of Seurat and created Pointillist pictures on Purple Mash.  The peg boards were a great tool for creating simple Pointillist patterns and images.  We even got the chance to visit a Georges Seurat exhibition using the VR headsets! 

Have a look at some of the fun activities we have taken part in. 

What is Pointillism?

Can you name Seurat’s most famous painting?

Name another Pointillist painter who continued the work of Seurat.

What was your favourite part of Art Week?




10 thoughts on “Art Week in 2 Blue

  1. What is pointillism?
    Pointillism is made out dots.
    Can you name Seurat,s most famous painting?
    A Sunday Afternoon La Grande Jatte.
    Name another pointillism painter who continued the work of Seurat?
    Paul Signac.
    What was your favourite part of art week?
    Doing the key bored.

  2. Pointillism is a picture made from dots. Gorges Sewrats famous painting was called a Sunday afternoon. The painter was called Paul Signac. My favourite thing was when we were on the iPads.

  3. Pointillism is a little dots that the eye mix.
    At Sunday Afternoon at La Grade Jatte.
    The painting is called Paul Signac.
    My favourite part was when we used peg board because we did patterns.

  4. Pointillism is dot’s and the eyes 👀 blend them.
    Seurats first painting was A Sunday Afternoon on the island 🌴 la grand Jatte.
    His name was Paul Signac.
    My favourite part was when we done ✅ some pointillism pictures.

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