Art week in 2 Blue

In 2 Blue we have been exploring art through learning about Georgia O’Keeffe and her picture ‘Red Poppy VI’.

Watch the video to see the things we have done over the week.

Caterpillars: What did Georgia O’Keeffe like to paint?

Butterflies and Bees: Can you write 3 sentences about your learning this week? (Remember capital letters and full stops)

Spiders: Can you write 5 sentences about your learning from art week?

Ladybirds: Can you write 5 sentences about your learning from art week? Why didn’t Georgia paint living creatures and people?

9 thoughts on “Art week in 2 Blue

  1. Georgia Okefee wanted to be a artist at the age of 12.She married a photographer called Alfred.He died at the age of 78.Georgia died at the age of 98.She painted lots of flowers.She didn’t paint living animals because shelikedto be alone

  2. What an eventful and fun week you’ve had 2 Blue! I have loved the range of activities you’ve taken part in. I can’t wait to read your comments 😎

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