Art Week in 3 Red

3 Red have had an exciting week looking at the painting called ‘The Waterlily Pond’ by the impressionist Claude Monet.  We discovered how Monet used a particular painting technique to show the effect of light on objects, and even had a go at painting in the same style.  We found out by using our research skills where Monet found the inspiration for his paintings, planned and created our own paradise gardens and built 3D waterlily ponds!

monet-poppy-fields-web (1)

Have a look at this painting by Claude Monet called ‘Poppy Fields’.

Now answer these questions:

  1. Where do you think this picture was painted?
  2. How can you tell that it was painted a long time ago?
  3. Does Monet use warm or cool colours in the picture?
  4. Where do you think the people are going?
  5. How is the style of painting similar/different to ‘The Waterlily Pond’?

We look forward to reading your answers!

6 thoughts on “Art Week in 3 Red

  1. Monet painted the Poppy Fields on the Plain of Gennevilliers southeast of Argenteuil in the summer of 1873. You can tell it was painted a long time ago because of the way the children and women are dressed. Monet used warm colours. I think the people are going to their houses. The style of painting is different because the artist has used mostly green colours in the Waterlily Pond.

  2. I THINK the paintingis of a poppy field.
    THE colours he used and what the people were weering . I think monet used warm colours in his pictures because its a summer painting. They are walking away from there house going on a adventure.
    The differences are the poppy field had people and houses but the similaurites are that both pictures have flowers and have a warm feeling.

  3. 1. Lee harve or giviny.
    3.worm and cool colours.
    4.The people are going to the poppy fields. the lillypond it has no grey and yellow.
    2.because they have an olden days cloth.

  4. I think the picture was painted in Evony or Lee harve.
    Because the people are wearing different close to what we wear now.
    He uses a mixture of warm and cool colours.
    I think people are going home or church.
    In the lily pond it is different because it doesn’t have Grey or yellow.

  5. Monet is one of my favourite painters, my favourite painting by him is called Le Bassin Aux Nymphéas whereas Poppy Fields is another great painting by Claude Monet. I can’t wait to see your versions of ‘Poppy Fields’ Well done for having a super week! 😎

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