Art week in 6 Red

This week, we have been studying the artist Cheri Samba and learning about Egyptian art.

We learnt a range of sketching skils, clay modelling skills and turning our portraits into 3D pieces of art.

In addition to this, we learnt about Cheri Samba’s artwork and his life.

What did you learn and enjoy during this week?

What do you think of your art work?


Have a great break everyone!

22 thoughts on “Art week in 6 Red

  1. I thought everyone tried really hard I also tried really hard it was such a fun week and our artist was very unique and fun thank you for an amazing week miss Hurt mr Patel and miss coor

  2. I learnt that cheri samba likes his picture in strip and also I enjoyed when we did the clay modelling because it was fun and exciting to do.
    I liked my clay modelling because it looked detailed and also we got to do our own design to it.

  3. I enjoyed making the Nefertit heads and I learnt that Cheri Samba was inspired by pollitics and his childhood.I think that the end outcome was good because you were able to recognise some of the portraits of the class.

  4. I think of my artwork that it was great and I did clay and mine was nearly getting into shape and we learned in art week that Cheri Samba is a famous painter 👩‍🎨 who painted pictures different ways and in one of his paintings he used a map and with himself in the picture

  5. What I enjoyed in art week was that i fully understood that art doesn’t have to be the perfect sketch or painting perfectly, what I found out was that everyone has different definitions for art as it can be embraced in a several different ways. For example, a sculpture and a stick can be considered as art.

  6. I enjoyed drawing self portraits and colouring I learnt how to add detail to key parts of the face.I loved my artwork as I put a lot of effort into it and it has taken a lot of time.

  7. I enjoyed learning about different Egyptian art styles. I think that my work in art work is good because I tried hard. The best work that I think I did was the makeup on the Nefertiti manikin.

  8. I enjoyed making the week because we made our own self portraits and made them into one of Cheri Samba. We also made clay sculptures. I think that my art work is good as I tried very hard. We made portraits of our faces and made them 3D

  9. Something that I learnt is to use some skills for the clay model and some thing I injoied was makeing Clay Model.

    I thought that my art work was ok but it improved throughout the week which made it better

  10. I learnt about Cheri Samba and his inspirational life he had when he was younger.I enjoyed when we made a spiral portrait of our selves.I am proud about how it turned out and that I used the features he did.

    Mia and Murtaza

  11. 1)
    This week I learnt a lot about Cheri Samba. I really enjoyed making the self-portrait spiral paintings.
    I think ALL OF 6 RED did a amazing job.I really looking 👀 forward to the next project week.

  12. I loved different skills and now I can improve my art work even more.As I have applied my art skills I have enjoyed my art because I have now my more better ,improved work.

  13. I learnt to use texture,sketching and tone in my art work.Another skill I used was my teamwork and listening skills.I think that I could have used more features of my face to make it look more like me.

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