Art Week – The Ghosts of Pere La Chaise Cemetery

The children in 3 White have been studying Georges Seurat as part of Art Week. Seurat was born in 1859 in Paris, France, and he is now buried in it’s world famous cemetery – Pere La Chaise Cemetery. In order to explore this, the children watched a short story clip on the Literacy Shed website, where the modern day character of Lucy meets the ghost of Pianist Chopin who then gives her piano lessons. We talked about the setting of Pere La Chaise Cemetery, and how we can infer feelings and motives based upon the background and music.

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LO: To use descriptive language.

3 White, I would like you to write sentences to describe the setting of Pere La Chaise Cemetery, using lots of fantastic adjectives and similes. Think about the success criteria we have generated, and we can make our writing really effective.

I have written an example of the type of sentences I would like from you:

The stars in the night sky twinkled above Pere La Chaise cemetery like crystals.


39 thoughts on “Art Week – The Ghosts of Pere La Chaise Cemetery

  1. They were so nice and they also were little fly`s flying at the air they had light.The moon was twinkling like a diamond in the sky.The stars were moving like a small bug.The moon was shining towards the i full tower and the i full tower was glittery.

    by maja and mohammed

  2. I the cemetery it is gloomy and the pere la chaise cemtery it is like a bat cave.At midnight chopin was playing on the piano.lucy scared chopin and fell off his chair.

  3. The moon is twinkling in the sky .
    The graveyard is like a bats cave.
    The stars are shining like gems.
    The coulors of the fire flys are golden.
    The grave stones are grey

  4. The sky is shining blue like glitter in the sky the dethes are dearty and shaped Chopin is so cerfel he came out of the dead now he is a white ghost whith long heir.the firefly shins like a dimet

  5. The semtry is as gloomy as slime.The moon shon like a enomas diamond.shining and swaying in the sky golden stars.All the graves are as dark as a bat cave and black paint.the graves are as ugly and dirty.Mini beasts running around.At midnight all the ghosts lumbering around.It is as silent as a mice.All of the gloomy graves are as tall as buildings.the craking graves are as bumpy as a mountain.

  6. The moon is shining and it is bright through sky lucy was run.
    Lucy was scary.
    lucy was scary and was beauthful.
    The moon in the sky goose in the night.

  7. The moon in the sky goose in the night .
    The moon in the sky is like gold.
    the souls has Krause.
    the cemetery is scary.
    Lucy was so scared .
    The cemetery is so so gloomy.

  8. The moon shined brightly in a dark sky like a diamond ring.Sparkly shining stars waved through the sky.Ever thing was as dark as a bat cave.the houses rooms lights shined through the windows.The sky was all black.

    • It was the most scary est night moss climbed like a dog over and through the graveyard the moon was like gem twinkling and shining in the sky

  9. It was so dark there were graves and mos climimng like a dog over graves it was as dark as bats cave the moon was twinkling like a sphere gem so we’re the light,s were twinkling like a star

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