Arts around the world week: 1Blue (19.10.2020-23.10.2020)

This week is Arts around the world project week and we are looking at the country India! 🇮🇳 We are focusing on the artist Nek Chand and learning all about who he is and learning all about the country India itself. Here is our week…

Monday 19th October

Today we looked at which continents India and England are in and compared the two. We looked at a large map as a class and really enjoyed using our explorative skills.

We looked at Nek Chand’s life today and how he created The Rock Garden in secret for 18 years in India and how now it is a national treasure. We researched and learnt together and created the video below!

We went to the Forest school today to create our own sculptures made from natural materials! We had such fun creating them with our friends and started producing a 3D sculpture in class, here is some of our work.

Tuesday 20th October

Today we continued looking at Nek Chand’s sculptures in The Rock Garden and designed and created our own sculptures using a technique called Junk modelling. We had such fun and loved explaining to our friends what we did and showing off our creations.

Today we looked at the weather and how it is different in India and England! We found out what the ‘equator’ means and the different temperatures in India and England. We packed a suitcase thinking about if we were going on a holiday to India or staying in the UK.

Wednesday 21st October

Today we used iPads and took inspiration from Nek Chand’s statues and posed like statues with our friends and created a pic college. Look at how much fun we had!

We used clay this afternoon to create our own sculptures which was such fun!

Thursday 22nd October- India Day

I am so proud of all your amazing outfits and your wonderful attitudes to our India day, you had such fun dancing and completing Indian crafts today! Mrs Patel and I are so proud of you!

12 thoughts on “Arts around the world week: 1Blue (19.10.2020-23.10.2020)

  1. Wow! What a wonderful week.

    Yusuf enjoyed learning all about India and about the artist, Nek Chand.

    Thank you teachers for your hard work.

  2. I had so much fun this week it was amazing. I have learnt so much . I now know about the contents I listen to the song at home . I loved dressing up. Hope everyone has a lovely holiday. See you all soon 😀

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