Well done Team BH.  Another good week with attendance.  Lets keep this up!

Overall 97.8%

One Red and Four Red both achieved 100% this week.

24 thoughts on “Attendance

  1. Wow 4 Red and 1 Red they’re the same colour classes!! 4 Red are really soaring to new heights and 1 Red are really obsessed with learning this year well actually the whole of Broad Heath is doing what the have to do and what they have to do is learning to gain to be in secondary school i know i am going to Sidney Stringer.
    Keep learning BH and we will gain to secondary school.

  2. I am very proud of my class and also 1 red! I still think that all of the classes should still be very proud of themselves. I think that our class should try to challenge all of the other classes in this school next week.

  3. Hurray! 4 Red are 100% soaring to new heights.
    Clearly all the children love coming to school, well done 4 Red and 1 Red. Let’s see if we can get 100% attendance again this week.

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