Attention all Year 3 and 4’s!!!

Yesterday after school…

Your teachers need your help!

A TTRS competition has been set between Year 3 and 4 to find out who are truly better at their times tables (by winning your teachers will be happy too!)

The competition has started and will run until Thursday 31st March 2022 (6pm).

Good luck and may the best Year group win!

61 thoughts on “Attention all Year 3 and 4’s!!!

  1. Come on Year 3, we are currently in the lead. Keep working as a team and pushing yourselves. Let’s show the Year 4’s how amazing we are!!!

  2. Come on year 4 we will not let these year 3 children beat us .Come on year 4 we will .We all know that we will because we know all are times tables we will win .Year 3 only say but not do. the year 4 will wipe the Floor with year 3. We are biger and smater .

  3. we should all think that we will be fair to others by saying well done and also we should play the game THAT IS HOW WE WIN!

  4. i think that we should not say that we will win no we will win we have to play the game and then after we should tell the year group well done this is how we should do our compition.
    but still year 3 will wipe the floor with year 4

  5. Oh God you don’t know who is the best year four we have lots of people you know
    Some of them even have
    400,000 coins on TTRS so yes you never
    Going to win

  6. We will definitely win Year 3 come on we got this Year 4 are not even going to win because we are not even going to get off ttrs we will stay on it for hours and hours Year 3 we got this come on we can do it Definitely.

  7. my class 3 red think that we will wipe the floor with year 4 we are defintly going to win year 3 are better year 4 are not better than us we acept your challenge. 3 Red are going to try their best

  8. year 3 are the best year 3 is going to win Miss Holland hahaha we are going to win for shoar and 3 RED and 3 wight are going Done ooooooooooooow yaaaaaa

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