Autumn in Reception Red.

During Project Week Reception Red have been learning all about Autumn and the different changes that occur. Some children could also identify the four seasons in the year and made a seasons chart.

Have a look at the learning that happened during this week below:

Autumn Challenges

1. How many seasons are there in a year?

2. In what season does the leaves begin to grow back on the trees?

3. What does hibernate mean?

4. Can make a list or draw pictures of animals that hibernate?


5 thoughts on “Autumn in Reception Red.

  1. 1.There are 4 seasons in one year.
    2.The leaves grow back in spring.
    3.Hibernating is when some animals go to sleep in winter to save their energy for a long time.

  2. An excellent video that showcases the many things that happen in Reception Red. Loved the fact that every child was engaged and talking! What season will we be in by the time Christmas comes?

  3. Wow !! I love the video Reception Red you have certainly been sailing on a learning adventure. I am so proud of you well done.
    Right my super learners see if you can answer the question Mrs Dahil has asked.
    I will be giving pegs to the children that answer the questions.
    PEGS gets you PRIZES!!!
    Keep safe and well ,see you all soon 😃

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