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  1. The best thing that happened in the first term at year 6 in English is probably the writing when we were doing it about a short movie named roads end which was very different to any other short movies that I had watched recently or in the past. We were also writing our own story but had usen the same setting but had a detective in it. To do this we used our imagination and had described our detective in our books and had used language features to make our story more effective and not boring.

    In maths this half term I had enjoyed solving and simplifying fractions and different word problems also we had learnt different skills and different methods during this piece of learning.

  2. Wow! What a lot of amazing learning! I have loved my first half term in Year 6 at Broad Heath and am really looking forward to the rest of the year ahead! Thank you, 6 Red for being such fantastic learners and thank you Mrs Janjua, Mrs Mahtani, Mrs Jones, Miss Starkey and Mr Patel for being such a brilliant team!

  3. This is our first term in year 6 and it is going great. There were lots of challenges that we faced but we still came over it.My favorite part of work this term was mystery story because we acted out a mystery story . It was a fun term but a long term

  4. Maths, English and P.E was my favourite activities to do in Autumn 1.
    In Maths, my favourite thing to do was adding and subtracting fractions. We got to challenge ourselves by also adding whole number with fractions working out how to simplify them. Challenging ourselves takes our brain a step further.In English, I had a really good time because we got to make our very own recount about the new playground in Broad Heath. To do this we had to make sure we had all of key features and language features. P.E was fun to because I liked how we tried something different to help our body, which is fitness.

  5. The best thing so far that I enjoyed the most was PE maths and English.
    I really think that I did well in English because I took the time to read and understand the work I had been given,in English the best thing I enjoyed was writing the recount of the new playground that had been unlocked a couple of weeks ago and it is a really big hit at Broad Heath.
    In maths what I really enjoyed was the fractions because I think that really got the muscles in our brain working and it really challenged me.
    PE,which I think was really fun and enjoyable,was good because it really helped with my fitness and heath and I think that that was the best PE lesson ever.

  6. I Really enjoyed doing music and P.E and Maths too. I really like these subjects because they are fun and it makes me learn stuff that are intresting and i know things can be hard but at the end they start to become easy.You can make mistakes …but you learn from them.So i like these .And i haven’t chosen science for this because its too complicated and i just really don’t get most of the stuf.

  7. In our English we had been looking at better vocabulary and better adjectives.The reason we were doing this was because we were looking into the genre of mystery and we were going to write a mystery story.We were looking at a clip which was about a killer who is loose and is committing his murders in a desert with little to no sympathy. After looking at this we had a better understanding of a mystery story and that was when our teachers told us to add a detective into it because there was very little answers solved and that is the whole point of a mystery story.The only thing we done whilst watching this clip was we were making conspiracy and that lead us to build more tension to when we were going to add a detective into out story.After this we looked into the topic of recounts and we had been very good at identifying the features of a recount.The reason we were doing this was because we were going to write an oral and written report on Broad Health’s new playground.In our introduction we were welcoming the audience and informing them about what this article was about but not to much because then they would have all that information in that one piece and they wouldn’t like to read on so we made it short and snappy.In our introduction it had contained of the 5 ws the 5w are who what when and how.we also had backed it up with facts and opinions.We have included facts because the audience would want to know the science behind it and opinions because people would like to know the view of many people.

  8. I have enjoyed when we had planned an experiment to grow the most mould on brread.A liked carrying out this experiment because you would know how to grow mould on the breads.

  9. in Science we’ve been looking for micro-organism. One day we went outside and find moss and conifers etc. In Maths we have been learning about fractions , place value, division and multiplication. When we did fractions we compared and found what is equivalent to that fraction This is a key skill to know.

  10. I love this post Mrs Janjua and Mrs Jones- it looks amazing!

    Well done Year 6, what a great start to the year this has been! I can’t wait to find out what we will be learning about after the half term break! Keep up all the hard work 😊👍

  11. In maths I enjoyed simplifying improper fractions
    and normal fractions and in English I had learnt
    more vocabulary and new vocabulary when we
    we’re writing about the mystery story and I
    think for next half term our standards should
    be year 6 standards and we need to be the best
    role models of the school because we are the highest
    Year class in the whole school

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