B Team v John Gulson

Broad Heath B v John Gulson B  on Thursday 12th March 2015

Score 2-3

Team:Macjek,Devontay,Nasim (c) Nidal,Khuzayfah,Mohamed El Sharifi & Arjun Subs : Omayah,Hamza

Broad Heath B team continued their season with a home game against John Gulson B. Devontay and Arjun switched from being subs in the first team in order to play a full match and both showed their full range of skills in impressive displays.

Broad Heath were the first team to attack and kept the John Gulson goalie and defence very busy with their efforts.It was no surprise when they took the lead through Arjun cutting in from the left and beating the goalie with a powerful shot.

John Gulson replied immediately with their centre forward hitting an excellent shot from the right which dipped under the bar into the net.Both sides continued to attack and Nidal put Broad Heath back in front with a crisp right foot shot.

Once again John Gulson replied immediately with another shot from the right which again dipped under the bar and even though Macjek was at full stretch he could not stop it going in.

All the players were playing well especially the midfield of Nidal,Khuzayfah and Mohamed. The second half continued to be “even stevens” but from a good through ball John Gulson scored again.

Khuzayfah replaced Majcek in goal with Devontay pushing into midfield and Hamzah coming into defence.Omayah replaced Mohamed and Broad Heath tried hard to equalise but time ran out with the visitors winning 3-2.

Man of the Match : Khuzayfah.

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