Basic Skills Physical Development – Home Learning 24.06.21

Good Morning Children!

Today I want you all to have a go at catching using either one had or two hands (Whatever you are comfortable with).

Have a look at my challenge video below and have a go at practise your catching. You can use a ball or any other objects you have at home that you can use to catch with.

Make a video or take a picture of you catching and upload via your class links.

Have Fun and looking forward to see your videos!

Reception Red Upload Here

Reception Blue Upload Here

Reception White Upload Here


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  1. Kayla tried this, although she did struggle to catch the ball. She tried with a little ball and a big ball. She will keep practicing. Videos have been uploaded.

    • Fantastic concentration Aqsa as you attempt to catch the ball with one hand.

      Is it easier to catch the ball with one or two hands? Give a reason for your answer.

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