Basic Skills Week 4

Edit the single clause sentences and make them multi-clause sentences. You may choose to use an adverbial phrases to start, use a conjunction or create a sentence with an embedded clause. 

The cat lay down.

The boy went home.

The footballer was tired.

The builder was proud.

The school was fantastic.


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  1. 1)In a house,thereu was cat and that cat always lays down because he is lazy.
    2)Because the boy hurt himself, he had to go home.
    3)After the match, the footballer was tired.
    4)The builder was proud of his masterpiece, that took him very long to make.
    5)Broad Heath is vibrant school, so the school is fantastic.

  2. The cat lay down ,while feeling extremely full.
    Because the boy was tired,he went home.
    When the footballer came home,he was tired.
    Because the builder built the house properly,he was proud of it.

  3. In the house,the cat,who was tired,layed down to go to sleep.
    After school,the boy,who was 10 years old,walked home.
    In the middle of the game,the footballer,was tired.
    After alot of work,the builder,who was tired,was very proud.
    The school,who was private,was fantastic.