Basic Skills Week 5

Basic skills wk5

Infer what might be happening in the image and create a piece of narrative based on the image.


  • Who are the people?
  • What is happening in the image?
  • Where are they?
  • Why are they there?


Standing in the middle of the raging ocean, the two men began to feel anxious about the clouds which began to hug their bodies.

“What are we going to do?” questioned the young boy.

A smile spread across the old man’s wrinkly face and at once, the boy felt slightly at ease. Stooping down, the frail man picked up what looked like a broken fishing net. Puzzled, the boy continued to stare, hoping for a miracle. Gently, the man raised the bar of the pole up and pressed it to the ground several times. That’s when it all changed.


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  1. In the middle of the cold,calm,peacefull,ocean a confused boy stood with a old man.The man was wearing a bright , yellow ,plump top and black , silky trousers.He was also holding a big , black net in his big hands.The man had enormous,bushy eyebrows.

    Hello,So what are we going to do?asked the young boy

    Why,go fishing of course we’re at a fishing deck!.

    Oh I don’t like fishing

    Well your going to like it with me,come on.

    And with the flick of a hard budge the boy was at the decks.

    Please don’t make me, said the scared boy

    Come on do it for grandpa,persuaded the man.

    So with that quick switch he persuaded the boy.and they happily went fishing.Thenthe boy realised that fishing just wasn’t a hat bad with his grandpa…

  2. Standing near the deep blue sea, stood a little boy and his grandfather,the boy felt un happy about the weather and hug their body .”I’m so cold”squeeqed the little boy.They were satanding in the middle of the see looking lost so they were searching for land.They kept on going and going just then they saw land “YES LAND!” as quickly as their boat can go they rushed to the land.

  3. One day,in the middle of an ocean,on a boat,there was a grandad and his nephew stranded in the middle of the sea whil they were fishing.As the sky’s were shooting at them.

  4. In the middle of the frozen ocean, stood a old man with a little boy. They both were really scared because it was raining and thundering but they did not have anything for protection. Meanwhile, sailing through the ocean floor they found a wooden cottage so they decided to go inside it. Eventually it broke so they rushed
    back into the boat.
    “What are we going to do grandpa?” whispered the little boy.

    They were going till the end of the ocean near by a sunny island were lots of animals were crowded in a circle.
    “What are we going to do?” asked the little boy.
    “I think we have to get into the boat to the other side of the island.” answered the man.

  5. Standing near the raging, blue ocean, the old man and little boy was staring at the blue ocean. ” Why are we here because we’ve got nothing to do ?” questioned the little boy. The Old man started to think, an idea popped into his head. ” Well, I’ve got an idea!”answered the old man. He got his hand and placed into the water, whilst he moved his hand. Suddenly a fishing net came into his hand and the little boy gasped of what he had sawn! ” How did you do that?” Asked the little boy.
    “I’m not telling, it is a secret!” answered the old man.

  6. In the midst of the ocean there was to boys named Jeff and Ali A.They began to feel bored “What shall we do” asked Ali A A smiled poured out Jeff’s old face Ali looked at him pick a battered old fishing rod.

  7. In the midst of a boat, were two people, their names were Kien, who was 54, and Frisk, who was 16. “Why are we here Grandpa?” Asked Frisk.
    “We are here to catch some fish to eat,” Replied Grandpa Kien
    “Like fish and chips?” Frisk asked again.
    “No, we are here to catch some fish, and then cook it and eat it.” Kien again, answered.
    “EAT IT!?!?” Yelled Frisk at the top of his voice. “WE HAVE FOOD AT HOME!!”
    Grandpa Kien calmly said “We are lost out here so we will eat cooked fish alone.

  8. Standing next to the raging ocean, the two men felt curious about the clouds which began to tightened their bodies.

    “What are we going to do grandpa?” Said the boy.

    Quickly, a big smile appeared across the old wrinkly faced man but the boy felt confused. Carefully the old man stooped down and fragily picked up a broken old fishnet. The boy who had no idea what he was going to do stared Åland was hoping for something to happen. ” This is the greatest part of history we must find out what this can do” said the man.

  9. In the middle of the blustering ocean, one old man and a young boy tried their hardest to get back home.All of a sudden, roaring waves crashed onto the boat and nearly knocked it into the sea.
    “What should we do now!”Asked the boy.”We need another idea, or we will sink!”
    Then the old man started to look around and then, he found a broken fishing pole.The man had a brilliant idea.
    “I have an idea!”shouted out the old man.
    “What is it”The young boy hoped.
    The man got a big flag ang stapled it onto the fishing pole, it now was a working sail!
    “It is time to sail… FAST!”Shouted the old man.

  10. In the middle of the forceful ocean, a poor man and a boy were trying to catch some fish as the fluffy clouds began to hug their bodies.
    “What are we going to do?” Questioned the young boy,
    The old man replied “well,catch some fish, of course!”
    But as the man replied back they both witnessed some thunder across the ocean.
    A smile spread across the old man’s wrinkly face and at once, the boy felt slightly at ease.Slouching down,the frail man picked up what looked like a broken fishing net,but he couldn’t think about who’s it was but then realised it was his and told the boy they had nothing to eat,so they both raised and looked for some fish!

  11. There are in middle of the sea on a boat and caching fish and talking toogether
    they were in a stormy weather and about to get wet in the rain there’s a kid and
    The kids grampar with a net

  12. All night long jack and grandad Tom was scared about the rinkely boat about to sink!
    While jack and grandad Tom were chatting about how yo get out of the deep deep sea.while the to boys were cheating and the bout went “boom”

  13. In the midst of the sea there was a old Unle and a small child that was jack.Unkle Doll was with his grandson.They were both catching fish, in a wooden boat.In the deep dark sea. The sound of lightning struck down but they both were brave and they weren’t terrified.

  14. In the middle of the sea ,Ben and his grandad where frightened because the sky was as dark as a cave . While ,they were sailing a smile spread across grandad wrinkly face . In the distance , they could see a Ireland which was covered in sand .
    stooping down ,the frail man picked up what looked like a broken fish net .

  15. In the middle of the sea Max and his uncle was chatting.
    In a windy Max and his uncle a fishing in a boat.
    In the middle of the dip dark sea max and his uncle was in a boat.
    The a there for fishing wet fishes.

  16. In the middle of the deep dark sea Jack and Kiro were chatting about their favourite
    fish.Kiro with his white beard and magnafieng glass was using it at poor little hungry Jack.They both coulden’t see anything the thunder making such loud sounds as well as the clouds blocking there way to land.The two poor people were there to hunt for big fish.

  17. In the middle of the sea there where two people their name was Jack and lorrys.
    Suddenly,in the sea there was some treasure to find to help them.

    • In the sea,grandad Ben and Jack Ben was chit chatting while Jack was singing then grandad realised he should give his fishing rope

      “Here you go my dear son “said grandad

  18. vic and Ben were sailing in the alantic ocean but vic the grandpa found a massive key hiding in the crner of the sail boat then vic said”oh what is this?” Then Ben replied”maybe it is a key.

  19. In the middle of sea a man and boy were siting in a boat while a huge storm was happening and the man and the boy went fishing with a net in there hands.

  20. In the middle of the sea a man and a boy were sitting in a boat while a huge storm is happening and the man and the boy went fishing with a net in there hands .

  21. Standing in the midst of the boat,were two men named Joe and Weller Weller. was over grown and was slightly older than joe who was 15.They were boath really fierce and brave.As they sat in the middle of the harbour in there boat,they were handing each other a fishing net trying to catch a fish.

  22. Standing in the middle of the harbour ,John who is 43 and really kind ,Ella who is 12 and likes karate were talking about where they might be going next now they are at Paris.”what about Island grandad “

  23. In the middle of the ocean,the two men began to feel anxious as the sky started to fill with clouds.
    “What shall we do?” Questioned the young boy
    A grin appeared and spread across the mans wrinkly face the boy felt certainly uncomftarble.

  24. Standing in the middle of the ocean,a wrinkily old man named Joey and a young girl named Lily were standing on a rusty old raft with a sail on it. Just that moment, dark clouds were slowly spreading across the sky and the man and girl started to feel anxious.

    “What are we going to do? What happening? Questioned the little girl.

  25. Staring at the blueberry juice ocean,to men were sailing on their boat whilst feel rather curious about their journey.
    “What kind of journey is this Grandpa?asked the young boy .
    “We’re going to catch fish using this net.Do you want to help me?replied the old man whith excitement.

  26. In the middle of the blue,raging ocean,two people began to feel curious about why the clouds turn dark and the ocean became a storm.
    “Where are we going?”asked Jake,curiously.”I think we’re lost.
    “No we are not lost I know where I am going?replied John.

  27. Near the raging,blue ocean,the poor man and the young boy stood near the raging,blue ocean,looking at the sea.
    “What are we going to do know near the blue ocean?” questioned the young boy.
    The poor man said “We just need to look at the blue ocean.”
    So the man and the young boy looked at the blue ocean as they were making a nice,big boat so the young boy and the poor,ragged man can fit into the boat.