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Myself and Miss Bhandal would like to say a big thank you and well done to our future basketball stars of Broad Heath. We hope you enjoyed it and had as much fun as we did. Can you tell us what skills you have learnt and used throughout the club? Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve it for next time?  Keep dribbling !

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  1. I have enjoy basketball club because I been learning different skill but I have not been shooting goal.In basketball club I have enjoy doing skill because it fun learning the different kind of ones.Basketball has been great,fun and the best all because of the teacher.They have been working hard to make it the best for us. That why I like basketball club.

  2. basketball club was awesome.

    these are skills
    these are tips
    you are only allowed to bounce the ball to your waist
    you can only use one hand to drible

  3. Thank you KS2 children for being SUPERSTARS, by the second week all of you scored a basket and that shows how well you listened to us about how to hold the ball and the correct way of aiming for the hoop.
    Can anyone remember the different ways we can sensibly pass a basketball to our team mates during a match?

  4. basket ball club was the best club I wish it diddnt end even though I had my best old teachers there but my sister still cant get the ball in the hoop
    thank you miss bhandal and miss jones:):):):):):):)

  5. Basketball club was fun because I scored almost every week and everyone encouraged me. Shooting in the net was the best and when I didn`t score I never gave up. Thank you Miss Bhandal and Mrs Jones for doing that club.

  6. Basketball club was fun and we played king of the ring and next time you could play extend the time. I have got better and better at basketball and now I am brilliant at basketball.

  7. I loved basketball club.It really helped me with my dribbling.I learned new skills about basketball.I learned how to hold the ball when we shoot.I learned how to shoot.Basketball club taught me lots of skills.We could improve it by having basketball time a bit longer.

  8. The skill’s that we used were Dribbling,throwing and passing.Sometimes Miss Bandhal stood at the white line and she took a shot and she got it in.For next time I would not change a thing because it’s so fun and it helped me through the passing weeks because on the first week I diddn’t get a goal then I done it the next week.

  9. I learnt how to throw a basketball. When I throw a basketball I have to have 1 hand on the side of the ball and the other hand on the bottom Of the ball. My first shot of basketball I didn’t
    get it in but a couple weeks later I got it in. We played a basketball game and I only won once.

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