Happy Friday everyone! On today’s beat the teacher, I am thrilled to introduce yet another task master. The person who will lead you through today’s challenge is Year 4’s very own Mr Carter! He has set you the challenge of the up – down plank. You need to get into plank position (flat back, knees off the floor, elbows and hands off the floor), then get into a press up position, lifting one elbow at a time off the floor, moving your hand underneath your chest. They you need to get back into your plank position to score your point. As always, it’s as many points as you can get in 30 seconds. Here’s a rough guide to how well you have done;

Up to 5 – Well tried, see if you can improve that score. If you need to, start on your knees.

Up to 10 – Getting better!

Up to 14 – Well done, you beat the teacher!

Up to 20 – Getting very competitive

Up to 25 – A brilliant score, well done

Over 30 – I do not believe you did this! Try again and make sure you are dong the correct movements and within 30 seconds.

Best of look, see if you can BEAT THE TEACHER.

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