Beautiful Handwriting in 4 Blue

We would like to share  examples of exemplary handwriting in our class.  Devanshi, Sonit, Nargis, Nadia, Sean and Anya, well done,  keep up the great presentation. You shall be awarded a handwriting pen for your hardwork!

We want  even more children to have beautiful, neat handwriting and  be awarded handwriting pens.  Try your best each and everyday!

23 thoughts on “Beautiful Handwriting in 4 Blue

  1. (*clap*) i wish i had one:), But Denvenshi,sean,sonit,nargis and nadia deserve it!!

    I WISH I HAD A PEN!!, but ill improve ny handwriting BETTER.

  2. Well done you have worked so hard for this and put so much effort in maybe one day I could get a pen license just like you every single one of you deserved that pen and you have finally got one

  3. Thank You Mr MashFord and Mrs Habib for offering me a opportunity to write with a pen. And I will keep on improving my handwriting.👍

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