Behaviour Book : Summer 1 Week1

Miss Saunders said : You have made a great start to the summer term 6S. You are all showing a focused attitude to learning and supporting each other a s a team. You all know this is a very important half term and it is fantastic to see such motivation in preparation for your exams. Remember 6S, the learning does not stop at school, you need to be revising at home over the next few weeks so that you are all well prepared. Well done to those who have shown me extra work they have done over the holidays. Keep it up!

Mrs Frankish wrote : Well done 6S – really pleased to hear that you are doing well. You are proving to be an excellent class, keep this up.

Graham commented : Enjoy working hard 6S. Enjoy each others company and effort, enjoy school – And do well.

6 thoughts on “Behaviour Book : Summer 1 Week1

  1. Well done year 6 you all worked hard and i am revising more at home to achieve in my exams.I want to work hard and improve my behaviour.

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