Behaviour News : Summer 1 Week 2

Mrs Frankish is very pleased that for the second week in a row we have had excellent behaviour in school. Only 3 boys let the “School Behaviour Team” down by falling out with each other and using bad language ( how silly!)  Well done the remaining 557 pupils !!!!!!!

The bricks are being earned by classes who are working as a team and the scores for week 2

FIRST PLACE  :     4T              17 bricks

SECOND PLACE :  1S and 4A  10 bricks

THIRD PLACE :    3S and RLP  8 bricks

As you can see 4T are still showing the way, but its really good that four other classes working well together and being rewarded for their teamwork.

School Councillors as Playground Pals

The School Councillors have had a new role in the playground at lunchtimes this week – they have been in charge of an “activities area” in St Paul’s playground.

The games area started for the first time on Tuesday and Arzu, Simran and Osmaan worked really well as a team and organised a succesful session. On Wednesday Humayan led a group of pupils playing a bean-bag scoring game – for the whole of lunchtime ! Well done Humayan. Sophie skipped with a group for a long time too – working really hard, and Dielli and Priya looked after the tennis and the “scoop groups.”

On Thursday I missed the start of lunchtime ( very busy) BUT Tyrese, Momina and Hassan set up all the equipment on their own and got the whole session underway. Well done guys!

On Friday the first weeks “activity group session” ended with Keeleigh, Tamim and Nithusa continuing the good work by again, taking the lead and organising the session on their own. Well done all School Councillors!

NB We are off school on Monday due to the Bank Holiday so Monday’s  Councillors will not get a session for the second week SO: I think it would be a good idea for Ayub, Shabnam and Elyass to join the Tuesday team and we can have 6 Councillors helping out – that should be really good!

Have a nice day on Monday everyone!

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  1. Really pleased to see Y5 organising lunch times…this makes me feel so proud! I am so proud that Year 6 are supporting and nurturing them. Great week, make sure the words we use are positive Broad Heath.

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