Hello children, welcome back to school! I hope you had a lovely holiday and are ready to have an outstanding half term. This half term’s brick wall prize is a film and a lollipop, so make sure your class are working hard to earn those behaviour bricks. Also, the individual behaviour reward this term is a Broad Heath pen, with the colours changing for every year group. Good luck to every class.

23 responses to “Behaviour Rewards Spring 2021”

  1. Hammad A.

    i hope we win!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ilyas K.

    Well done

  3. Tipian I.

    Ok I that is a good behaviour reward and I hope my class will get the reward .But do you know what film people that been behaving are gonna watch? Thank you for the information.

  4. Joel G.

    Ok,thank for the infomation

  5. Sulaiman A.

    Thank you.

  6. Aaron G.

    Ok thank you

  7. Muhammad S.


  8. Luxor A.

    can we choose flim.

  9. Lexi S.

    Is there any way we can earn bricks if we are learning at home?

  10. Aryan M.

    Goodmorning Mr rawling.
    I’llvtry my best to win the brick wall and I’ll
    always be confident.

    1. Aryan M.

      mistake sorry

  11. Muhammed R.

    Thank you MR Rawlings

  12. Inaaya W.

    I hope we win the brick wall.

  13. Ibraheem S.

    Thank you for telling us the information

  14. Muhammad R.

    Thanks for info

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