Behaviour Treat

I visited all classes this week to talk to the children about a Theatre Performance which will take place in school in Week 7.

The presentation has been organised for those pupils that have shown an excellent attitude to their work and their behaviour and shown that they are good Broad Heath citizens.

Mrs Frankish has said that any pupils going into the Behaviour Book will not take part in this treat.

Let’s see everyone at the show!

28 thoughts on “Behaviour Treat

  1. I think it is a good treat because the ones who have not beeen goood should not have a treat.Thank you Mrs Frankish and grayham for this treat.I cant wait to see it. :) :) :) :)

  2. So far broad heath has been the best school I’ve ever been to all because of the staff we have they are out of this world! Graham has always saved my problems and Mrs Frankish has been the best head teacher and also try her best to treat her students . Thank you broad heath for ever thing.

  3. A very big thank you to Mrs Frankish for bringing this show to our school. I am very exited to watch this show.

    Thank you very much

    By Ahsan khan 5M

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