Being creative and creating a Dinosaur display!

In RP this week we have been very busy learning about Dinosaurs! We have been busy creating things for our display and the children have tried very hard to learn new and exciting words.

“Dinosaurs are extinct, they don’t live here anymore” said Aidan. Another exciting word…Fossils!
The children have been using their creative skills to draw and describe dinosaurs.


Look at all the fun learning that has taken place in RP.

The children role played Dinosaurs. They worked as a team to wash the dinosaurs and found some long sticks to weave a nest for the dinosaur eggs. We decorated our own dinosaur and created chalk dinosaur pictures.

IMG_7560[1]     IMG_7570[1]     IMG_7600[1]



IMG_7572[1]     IMG_7557[1]


What has been you favourite activity this week?

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