Being healthy in Year 6

In our last week of term, we will be carrying out a range of activities to help us to become healthier. 

Everyday in our classes, we will be having a competition. In the morning and in the afternoon, you will have 2 minutes to do as many star jumps (this can be something else if your class decides to) as you can. The idea is to beat your own score each time you do this. The most improved will win a prize in each class. 

There will also be a prize for the most number of jumps over the course of the week.

We would also like a small amount of children from each class to create a ‘keep fit’ video so children can do this over the Christmas break. 

On the last day (Thursday 20th December), we would like several children from each class to carryout a short exercise session for parents in the studio. This will start just after 9am and will last approximately 30 minutes. So parents and family, please come along to this! This will be fun and a what a great way to keep fit and healthy. 

Please let your teachers know if your parents are coming.

Also, let your teachers know if you want to support with this fantastic opportunity! 

Thank you, 

Team Year 6

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