14 thoughts on “Beside the seaside – Reception

  1. thanks for your comment mrs Frankish. thanks for arranging a fantastic and lovely day on our school. and yes I am having a fantastic holiday I cannot wait until school next week!!!

  2. thank you mrs Frankish for taking my brother to the seaside my brother was realy excited because it was my brothers birthday that day

    • I am pleased that he had a great day, he is a lovely boy, as you are a lovely girl and you all deserve nice things. I hope you are having a great holiday!

  3. A message from RA.

    We had a fantastic time at the seaside, it was good and fun and we liked it there.
    We enjoyed eating our ice cream and having a ride on a donkey. We loved making sand castles and playing in the sand.
    We looked for shells to collect but could not find too many on the beach.

    RH and RD what did you enjoy about our seaside visit?

    Love RA xx

  4. All the children and teachers had a fantastic day thank you Sanna and Imaan. Vanessa I can remember making sandcastles with you at the beach when you were smaller. I’m glad it has given you some lovely memories!

  5. I hope you all enjoyed your special trip. Making sandcasles,burying the teachers, eating ice cream and donkey rides was all included in my trip when I was in Year 1!

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