BH create history!!

Yesterday saw the biggest football match of BH history! This was the furthest the football team had ever reached after a hugely successful year of football.

To get us into the semi final we had to beat a very strong Ernesford Grange side but the boys were determined to show what they could do and won the game.
The semi final saw us draw Finham Park Primary away. The starting line up for the match was Khuzayfah in goal, Nidal and Arjun in defence, Plaiza, Rayne(c) and Ibrahim in midfield and Arian upfront with Mohammed and Anton as substitutes.

The match kicked off with FP starting as the better team, quicker to the ball and stronger in a tackle looking like they wanted to win the game more than BH. The boys slowly got themselves back into the game having a few shots at goal and working harder as a team. BH went 1-0 down with a free player in the box heading it in after bobbling over Khuzayfah on the hard surface. This didn’t affect the BH boys but actually spurred them on to work even harder and try to get a goal back, this came soon after with some great play from our defence through midfield and into Arian who made it 1-1.
The BH boys were now firmly on top of the game Plaiza was replaced by Mohammed with him going right midfield and Ibrahim swapping to the left hand side. The BH boys were now first to their tackles and battling well not giving the FP boys an inch of space, this work rate gave BH their second goal soon after with some good play again from Arian linking up with Mo slotting the ball past the FP goal keeper making the score 2-1 to BH.
We all thought the final whistle was going to blow and the boys had made it to the final however a lapse of concentration from the boys allowed FP to score a last minute equaliser making the score 2-2.
The final whistle went with the score at 2-2 meaning we now had to move the game into penalties something I as manager have never had happen before and also something that the boys had never gone through.
5 players had to take penalties with the 2 left as sudden death takers.
The BH and FP scored all 5 penalties with Khuzayfah so close to saving one of them meaning sudden death…
Anton was the 6th penalty taker, he walked up places the ball down but calmly and confidently scored making the score 6-5 on penalties.
The 6th penalty for FP was taken by their goal keeper with Khuzayfah needing to save the penalty to win the game. The goal keeper lined up took his shot and Khuzayfah saved the penalty meaning the BH boys had won the game 6-5 on penalties and would now progress into the final of the Harry Shaw Cup for the first time in the schools history!!!!

The boys were so pleased all grinning like Cheshire cats however they had the respect to calm down and cheer and shake hands to the opposition before getting a team photo and celebrating.
Mr Burgess, Mr Mountford and Graham along with the whole school are so so proud of what you have achieved this year who thought we would make the final at the start of the year??
We look forward to seeing who we will come up against in the final and will let you know as soon as we can.
A massive congratulations and well done from everybody at Broad Heath you deserve all the credit you can get for what’s been a super super season to date.

Man of the match yesterday for his relentless defending and saving us on a couple of occasions goes to Arjun well done on a great performance!!

Match report by Mr Burgess IMG_2149[1] IMG_2151[1]

28 thoughts on “BH create history!!

  1. This year we’ve witnessed the most awesome group of footballers that we’ve ever had; your football, personalities, team spirit, strong minds and hunger to succeed have lead you to where you are and you should feel over the moon. What an amazing last year this has been for you. Anton, you did incredibly well under pressure scoring your sudden death penalty, Khuzy you saved the most important penalty to give us the win, and the rest of you, your contributions made this happen.
    I wish you luck in the Final and hope we can have a team of supporters there to cheer for you on the sidelines!
    Enjoy this feeling and keep smiling! :)
    Miss B

    • All of you played so well. I’m sure you were under pressure but you still but effort in to win. We are all so proud of you to getting into the Final. Well done for all our scoring players and epically Anton in the sudden death also Khuzy with the save. You’ve all made so much progress to work together and make this school proud. As it will be your last year here we give you all the luck to win the final and so you can leave making the school proud.
      BRING THAT CUP HOME BOYS👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏⚽

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