Class 5 Blue Blog 17-18

20 thoughts on “Black Country Museum

  1. The trip was so inspiring, these are one of the best opportunities I have ever had! Thank you Mrs Frankish!
    I hope the teachers enjoyed their time at the trip is well!

  2. It was so much fun and it was super awesome in the dark mine inside the mine,we saw statues which scared me a little bit 😃😊😃!!!!!

  3. I had one of the best times ever! I got lots of facts that I actually want to share with all of you so you can use them. All buildings at the Black Country Museum are real buildings from the victorian times that have been reconstructed brick by brick. My favourite part was going into the mines and learning about the lives in the dark caves.

  4. I thought the trip was so fun I enjoyed when the blast shook the coal mine.We went on the bus.We also saw a lady making nails by hand and she even gave Mrs Edwards one!

  5. The Black Country museum was amazing and inspiring, we went down a pitch black cole mine (I hit my head a few times). We also looked at a Victorian house the man showed us how to make a fire. We experienced Victorian games&toys e.g skipping rope, hula hoop with a rod, fake horses. We experienced life of victorians.

  6. Yesterday’s trip was really nice I really enjoyed going into the mine but I hated the victorion soap. Thank you everyone for letting us go to the Black Country museum!!

  7. I enjoyed going in the mine and shops. However I got overly exited and never followed rules. I liked the voice telling us what the hardest jobs were.

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