Bling In Business!

Get Ready!

All of next week you will have the chance to purchase lots of fantastic, everyday products and accessories which we have been blinging up.

A group of children from 6S will be selling outside of Year 6S  before school (8:45-9:00), at breaktime ,lunchtime and after school (3:15-3:30).

Don’t forget your family can also purchase the Bling products before and after school!

Have a look at some of the work we have been doing, associated with the Bling company!

photo 1
We have created an eye catching logo to represent our company and attract consumers. It is based on our school logo with some key alterations to Bling It Up.
photo 2
Keep a look out for our advertising posters to inform the rest of the school about our business. It is especially designed to attract key consumers with attractive colours and designs.

We hope you choose to Bling It Up and enjoy some of our products!



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